Linksys unveils first MU-MIMO router at Distree 2015

Linksys, a provider of networking solutions for homes as well as small- and medium-sized businesses, recently displayed its latest, most advanced networking products at the Distree 2015 event in Abu Dhabi.

During the event held May 12-14, representatives from the company unveiled the Linksys EA8500, the world’s first MU-MIMO router.  This technology allows multiple users to connect to the access point radio just as efficiently as the conventional system for just one user at a time. The device improves the overall speed of the Wi-Fi connection.

"Linksys as always leads the innovations in the home and SMB networking products,” Amanulla Khan, director-MEA of Belkin International, said. “At Distree, we were pleased to showcase unique strengths and technological advancements of our latest products."

Linksys, a part of Belkin, also celebrated becoming the first router vendor to sell more than 100 million routers. 

"We welcomed our retail and channel partners to join the celebrations of our achievements, especially of selling 100 million routers, in which they have played a crucial role,” Khan said.