Varian Medical Systems expands in Saudi Arabia

Varian Medical Systems (VMS), a California-based radiotherapy and cancer treatment software firm, is expanding into the Middle East with a new branch opening in Saudi Arabia.

VMS Arabia opened in Riyadh this week with a new office that will house 35 sales, service and administrative employees who support the company’s main segments – oncology systems, imaging components and particle therapy.

"We look forward to supporting the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia as well as with the other health care service providers," VMS Arabia Managing Director Mazyad Al Utaibi said. "Our expertise, experience, strengths and capabilities ensure we are well-placed to continue offering our partners the latest technology and local service to fight cancer and help save lives."

Varian is already the leading provider of radiotherapy systems in Saudi hospitals, with 22 systems in operation around the country. The company’s CEO, Dow Wilson, said the new office will help move the region’s cancer forward.

"Radiotherapy plays a vital and cost-effective role in treating cancer and we are committed to making more advanced treatment systems available to more patients across the region," he said. 

Varian is in the midst of equipping the Middle East's first proton therapy center, currently under construction at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh. The new office is a joint venture with the El Seif Development Group.