Oman Data Park to serve GCC clients

The Oman Data Park (ODP) will be offering its services in information technology (IT) and cloud computing to members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), it announced on Monday.

The data park specializes in cloud services, co-location and managed hosting allowing clients uninterrupted service that remains under staff monitoring in case of server disruption. ODP began its operation in 2012 and was one of the first providers in Oman.

"We provide 24/7 monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution of the IT systems within a business, and many more, all meeting international standards,” an ODP  representative said.

The park began as a joint venture between Omantel and 4Trust LLC, both working within telecom services and data center development, respectively, and it has tailored its service in order to be reliable and suitable for government offices, health care institutions, academic institutions and in the business and corporate sectors of the Gulf Coast region.

They state that clients who use their service will have access to customer support representatives at all hours and that systems will be functioning at capacity with limited downtime. ODP also states that its services are enhanced with the latest in IT security and other solutions for all clients.