Grand Middle East premier set for Barco's 4K laser-illuminated projectors

Barco's DP4K-30L laser projector
Barco's DP4K-30L laser projector
Some of the Middle East's most prominent cinemas will soon begin using digital cinema leader Barco's laser-illuminated projectors.

Seven Barco projectors - DP4K-22Ls and DP4K-30Ls - will be installed in flagship locations of CinemaCity and Prime Cinema -- in the Mall of Qatar in Doha, Qatar and Abdali Mall in Amman, Jordan. Owned by World Media Holding, the theaters will open in early 2016.

Barco also will provide 26 additional Alchemy digital cinema projectors to the theaters.

Prime Cinemas is the largest cinema chain in Jordan. CinemaCity operates theaters in Dubai and Lebanon.

“From a luxurious foyer and lobby, easy access and great food through to super comfortable chairs and the latest visual and audio technologies, everything about our cinemas is designed for the enjoyment of our guests,” World Media Holding chief executive officer Hammad Atassi said.

CinemaCity will install one DP4K-30L and four DP4K-22L projectors in its 19-screen cinema at the Mall of Qatar. Prime Cinemas will install DP4K-30L laser projectors in its 11-screen cinema complex in Jordan.

"As we’re really dedicated to creating an amazing movie experience, we decided to take the next step in projection and install Barco’s laser-illuminated solution in selected theaters," Atassi said. "The brightness and image quality is unbelievable." 

The new projectors are part of a changing entertainment industry landscape.

“The shopping malls that will soon open in Qatar and Jordan will mark a new era in retail and entertainment standards,” Wim Buyens, Barco’s head of entertainment, said. “It’s just fantastic that our laser-illuminated projectors will help the trendsetting CinemaCity and Prime Cinemas to deliver a cinema experience that has not been seen in the Middle East before."