Future of Bahrain's tech industry is seminar's focus

Ubaidli Al-Ubaidli
Ubaidli Al-Ubaidli
The Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) recently coordinated a seminar focused on the outlook for information and communication technology in Bahrain, as well as in the Middle East and globally.

BTECH President Ubaidli Al-Ubaidli said it was hoped the seminar would increase the Bahrain sector's contributions to the national economy and pointed out the nation boasts an experienced human resources workforce as well as universities, proximity to Saudi Arabia and a well-developed infrastructure that includes a high percentage of Internet and mobile phone usage.

The event's speakers covered many pertinent topics, Al-Ubaidli said, adding that the seminar helped give chief executives and decision-makers in the market more knowledge about global markets and important features for products and services, as well as ideas for meeting those needs efficiently and in a profitable manner.

Attendees also got tips for how to attract a large market share and how to keep their companies growing.