Oman showcases traditions, foods at Expo 2015

Contributed photo
At Expo 2015, the Sultanate of Oman's pavilion is showcasing four aspects of the country — water, oases, the sea and traditions — and has attracted more than 570,000 visitors during the first month of the expo, Oman said on Thursday.

Water is a big theme in the pavilion this year, with two out of four sections focusing on it. The "Harnessing Every Drop of Water" section of the pavilion highlights Oman's strong tradition of water-resource management. The summer monsoon season turns the desert into lush greenery and helps feed the ancient irrigation system, a network of canals and dams. The "Treasures of Our Seas" section of the pavilion showcases a fishing industry that still uses traditional techniques, but also uses new regulations to protect marine life.

Oman also is trying to develop new food-production techniques in sustainable, self-sufficient ways. Another section of the pavilion, "Our Rich Farming Heritage," spotlights Oman's agriculture and crops for both local consumption and exports, and includes foods such as honey, hazelnuts and dates.

The final section, "Welcome to Our Home,” features Omani hospitality and showcases local foods and traditional dishes, including coffee, dates and spicy foods. Guests can try some of these dishes and beverages on the terrace and also explore what is offered in the restaurant and juice bar.