Property Trader launches new website

Property Trader, a leading property and real estate company based in the United Arab Emirates, recently launched a new website at

The new site features 25,000 listings complete with details including street view and local services. It also provides listings for leading real estate agents and brokers in the UAE and other pertinent information those interested in buying, selling, renting or leasing properties in Dubai.

Services offered on the Property Trader site include:

- Listings of more than 25,000 commercial and residential listings to buy or let

- Properties to buy

- Properties for rent

- A list of top real estate agents and brokers in Dubai and the UAE

- Maximum exposure for sellers

- Value to customers by comparing a wide range of properties

- Information and guides on buying and selling in the UAE

"Our success comes from our market leading position with Dubai's major property agents and the value we add to our customers by giving them the ability to reach the largest audience of the Dubai property scene," a Property Trader representative said.