Internet Media Services, Electronic Arts team to boost brands in Latin America

MS Internet Media Services (IMS) and Electronic Arts (EA) will collaborate to help brands play to win in Latin America.

IMS will represent dynamic advertising inventory within EA games directed to end users in Latin America, with an early focus in Mexico and Brazil. EA is one of the leading entertainment brands in the world, with top-selling video game franchises.

Latin America represents $4 billion of a global games market worth over $91 billion in 2015, and touches about 1.9 billion people globally, according to the NewZoo Global Games Market Report 2015. Furthermore, gamers are less engaged with second screens, so their attention is undivided.

"With mobile gaming experiencing (compound annual growth rate) of 45 percent for 2014-2018, in what is quickly becoming one of the most mobile-centric markets in the world, Latin America is a burgeoning gaming market," IMS founder and CEO Gaston Taratuta said, 

In a 10-year career in digital marketing, IMS has partnered with platforms and brands from all over the globe to bring innovative advertisement tools to local brands.