UAE's Fast Telecom to offer BlackBerry products in Middle East

Fast Telecom will be carrying BlackBerry products.
Fast Telecom will be carrying BlackBerry products. | Pixabay

BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) recently signed a distribution agreement that allows UAE-based Fast Telecom to offer BlackBerry devices to customers in the Middle East region. 

BBRY, recognized as a leader in secure mobile communications, and its partnership with Fast Telecom, a leading distributor of telecom equipment, means residents in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco will have access to BlackBerry products.

“Today, Fast Telecom and BlackBerry have signed an agreement that will enhance the footprint of BlackBerry devices and widen the company's distribution network for mobile devices in Middle East and North Africa," Fast Telecom Co-chairman Mohammed Albarghuthi said.

John Chen, executive chairman and chief executive officer of BlackBerry, said the partnership with Fast Telecom is part BlackBerry's strategy to increase market reach in the MENA region and expand BlackBerry's global distribution network.