Sony looks to IBC 2016 to show off capabilities for serving customers in GCC countries, around the world

Sony looks to IBC 2016 to show off capabilities for serving customers in GCC countries, around the world
Sony looks to IBC 2016 to show off capabilities for serving customers in GCC countries, around the world
At a landmark event slated for Sept. 8-12, Sony is going to be showing off new products and services as part of promoting what's new at the established entertainment and electronics company.

At the IBC 2016 conference in Amsterdam, Sony will be showing off elements of its “full ecosystem” in the Elicium Hall at the RAI Convention Center. The demonstration will run Sept. 9-13.

Sony demonstrators will talk about innovation in image, intellectual property issues and more, along with presenting case studies of upgrading workflows for customers.

A European audience will see a new HDC-4800 camera for the first time, and visitors will also get a glimpse at how Sony is building business partnerships for innovation in broadcasting and the delivery of production services.

“The media industry has seen considerable change, and this transformation has driven a growth in disruptive technologies,” Sony Europe Marketing Director Michael Harrit said in a press statement. “While the potential for improving audience experiences is expanding rapidly, so too are the challenges faced by broadcasters and vendors alike … this is why IBC is always an exciting time for us.”

Harrit gave the example of IP in live production.

“We've moved from a phase of discussion and exploration into delivering interoperable IP technologies based on an open standards approach, in the broadcast production industry,” he said. “We've recently gone one step further by introducing an IP Live Studio at our DMPCE facility in Pinewood Studios, and are working in collaboration with industry partners to give broadcasters hands-on experience of building a complete IP Live chain.”

In orienting its services toward Middle Eastern companies and professionals, Sony is hoping to bring a customized approach to its support for broadcasters in that region.

Peter Kyriakos is head of marketing for Sony PSMEA. In an interview with Gulf News Journal on Wednesday, Kyriakos talked about how Sony wants to serve regional customers.

“Organizations are always looking for business efficiency and better workflows,” he said. “Our local expertise and presence in the region helps us understand the challenges faced by the broadcasters and how we can work with them to help achieve their objectives.”

Kyriakos said Sony routinely takes advantage of trade shows and events such as IBC to provide updates on their services related to “real-world” broadcasting.

In detailing products and solutions to look out for, Kyriakos mentioned the new HDC-4800, which is an all-in-one solution for UHFR recording and playback, as well as the Optical Disc Archive System, which employs proven optical technologies to maintain intergenerational compatibility.

“It eliminates the need for migration every few years,” Kyriakos said.

IP live production solutions, he said, bring increased efficiency, reliability and scalability for a future-proof system.

“At Sony, we strive to constantly provide the latest technology and products to our customers, across various verticals, to ensure they can meet their objectives,” Kyriakos said.