Buzinessware to display cloud services at GITEX conference

Buzinessware to display cloud services at GITEX conference
Buzinessware to display cloud services at GITEX conference | Courtesy of Shutterstock

A company called Buzinessware is looking forward to the GITEX tech conference going on this week in Dubai.

GITEX is a major annual event that brings together considerable talent and information related to technology evolution and industry innovations.

The Buzinessware company, founded in 2002, operates from offices in Dubai, providing infrastructure as a service (IAAS) to clients across the Middle East. Now, Buzinessware wants to showcase its cutting-edge cloud solutions at the conference.

Cloud infrastructure is a big deal in today's business: it can help companies to reduce costs by enormous margins. Cloud infrastructure products can help with data transfer in core operations, as well as storage, backup and other integral parts of maintaining business models.

While innovating in these types of systems, Buzinessware is seeking to get further involved in the “digital economy” of the Middle East and North Africa, which experts predict will involve $30 billion by 2018.

In a press release showing the company's goals, a Buzinessware spokesperson describes the company’s attitude as “bullish” on the regional tech markets.

“Buzinessware expects data security and digital innovation to play significant roles in driving digital economic growth in the UAE,” according to a company statement that was released Oct. 10.

For more, Gulf News Journal spoke with Buzinessware CEO Sajid Mulla on Monday.

Mulla said core technologies to be presented at GITEX include storage and networking business solutions with on-demand models and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Over the years, we have managed to position ourselves as one of the region's leading hosting specialists,” Mulla told Gulf News Journal. “Our key presence in the Middle East is backed by our multiple data centers in Dubai, connected with both UAE ISP's Du & Etisalat, as well as international carriers with independent ipv4 & ipv6 address space. Our diverse portfolio of offerings enables customers to translate acquired data into useful information, and transform this information into knowledge for improved decision-making.”

Mulla said the company works closely with various stakeholders in the region to enhance what it brings to the table in terms of innovation.

“Our daily operations are focused on working alongside individuals and startups with small budgets yet have big ideas,” Mulla said. “We pay key attention to SME's looking for reliable core infrastructure and larger enterprises seeking a strategic partner that offers fast, secure and scalable infrastructure solutions engineered for the most demanding workloads.”

As for the ambitious goals that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other regional countries have set for sustainable futures, Mulla said the company hopes to be engaged and involved in this type of research and progress.

“Buzinessware has expressed its full support towards the UAE's and Saudi's efforts to place key focus on environmental sustainability,” he said. “In line with this, we are committed to develop, create and implement solutions that not only results in sustainability but leaves less of an impact to the environment.”

Look for Buzinessware at stand #ZB20 inside Zabeel Hall.