Real estate firm focuses on Dubai vitality, tourism market

Dubai could soon see a boom that will make local neighborhoods irresistible and the country a must-see destination for every tourist, thanks in part to good project management.

Falconcity of Wonders LLC, a real estate company connected to some of the largest developments in the country since 2005, has set its sights on adding vitality to local neighborhoods and building some impressive structures sure to stop passersby in their tracks. These include pyramids built over other buildings, a hotel resembling India's Taj Mahal and areas that look like something from Venice and southern Italy.

Falconcity is a subsidiary of Salem Ahmad AlMoosa Enterprises, which is responsible for some 41 million square feet of development in the Dubai area. Falconcity served as one of the sponsors of the recent Dubai International Project Management Forum, the largest such event in the region.

At a discussion, Falconcity Chairman and General Manager H.E. Salem Almoosa said good project management (PM) ensures the optimization of business, economic growth and government performance.

"Dubai has set a glowing example of the transformative power of PM, turning itself into one of the world’s most vibrant development hubs through strategic and innovative PM practices," he said.

Falconcity's Pyramids Park involves building enormous, pyramid-shaped structures over hotels, businesses and apartments. The Taj Arabia will be a 300-room hotel modeled after the historic Taj Mahal and serving as a unique wedding destination.

The company already has developed major theme parks and other attractions in the area.

For more on how project management makes the difference in such big plans, the Gulf News Journal talked to Joseph Jebran, principal and international group director at CentraRuddy, a company with an impressive portfolio of design projects.

"Design excellence is only possible when you have excellence in project management, and this is especially true in a very competitive environment.” Jebran said. “CetraRuddy brings leadership in project oversight that adds value to building projects, whether for developers or for institutions, in a range of building types. We work closely with the best project managers and construction management leaders to ensure the owner’s vision is completely fulfilled.”

Clearly, attention to detail is critical in making these kinds of high-end real estate projects happen. The UAE needs this kind of leadership to continue a building boom aimed at boosting the city’s reputation in the GCC region, and diversifying an economy that has suffered from oil price cuts in the post-oil era.