U.S. community colleges face challenges when launching campuses in Gulf region

A recent Wall Street Journal article indicates various community colleges and other American educational institutions are trying out the idea of satellite campuses in the Gulf region. Houston Community College Vice Chancellor Edmund Herod said there are certain challenges to these kinds of ventures, but he is ultimately positive about the way these projects can work. Read More »

Al-Jazeera America calls it quits

After only about three years on the air, Al-Jazeera America is shutting down. As of this month, the network will no longer broadcast in the U.S. The somewhat abrupt closure leaves those with an interest in the industry wondering exactly what factors led to the takedown of a broadcasting office that, while battling some very serious charges and accusations, played a role in cross-continental news delivery and was a mainstay for many Gulf Region natives living in America. Read More »

Northwestern professor raises questions about its branch in Qatar

Northwestern University professor Stephen Eisenman seems to be crying foul, or at least asking questions about the school’s exported journalism program educating students in Qatar. In an interview with the Washington Post published in December of last year, Eisenman talked about things like censorship and human rights violations in Qatar that hamper the efforts of the American universities to maintain a presence there. Read More »

How will the Qatar Investment Authority economic strategy affect the Western world?

As reported in Bloomberg news and other venues, Qatar’s government is looking to get involved in the U.S. in a big way. The country's sovereign wealth fund, the Qatar Investment Authority, has opened a New York office and is aggressively looking to acquire U.S. assets with $35 billion. At the same time, Qatar and its related investors are also spending money elsewhere around the world. Read More »

Colliers International opening Cairo office to serve Middle East, Africa

Real estate company Colliers International is opening an office in Cairo to reach new investors in the Middle East-North Africa region. “We are establishing an on-the-ground presence in Cairo to meet client demand and we look forward to providing services from our first office for many years to come,” Ian Albert, regional director of Colliers International MENA, told the Gulf News Journal. Read More »

Qatar Investment Authority coming to America, along with concerns about foreign diplomacy

Among the sovereign wealth funds that allow nations to make foreign investments in their national interests, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), representing the oil-rich Gulf state, is one of the wealthiest. This year, the QIA is poised to put $35 billion into a set of U.S. investments, including the buyout of a division of American Express and other key investments. The QIA also plans to set up a new office in New York. Read More »

UAE's Digital Rock Physics Project takes a close look at how to improve oil flow

The Digital Rock Physics (DRP) Project, undertaken as part of a partnership between the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), the Petroleum Institute and a number of other organizations, hopes to change energy exploration by making the collection of raw materials much more efficient. Read More »